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Joynal’s father, Abdul Kadir, was one of the founder members of the Bangladeshi Welfare Association at the Chatham Dockyard in the 1970s. When the family first came to Kent, they lived in Luton. “We used to get our halal meat and all the spices along some of the shops on the Luton High Street...

Joynal Abdin

Mel and Gwen both lived in Luton as children and remember the area. Mel’s daughter, Debbie, remembers visiting her grandparents in Luton. “When we used to come home from school, in the forge we used to watch the man shoeing the horses. I can still smell the smell now... it was lovely... It was lovely growing up there.” (Gwen)

Gwen Bennett, Mel and Debbie Hughes

Angela lived in Luton as a mother to three young children and tells us about the importance of the local community and the Sure Start Centre to her. “... This place has got music, art, culture, river, good architecture, good community...”

Angela Dye

Tracy has lived in Luton since about 10 years of age. She tells us how important her allotment is to her. “... a reason for calming, fresh air, having some of my own grown food as well. Bringing my daughter who’s five, teaching her about growing things...

Tracy Norton

Christine was a councillor for Luton and Wayfield from 2011-2015. She tells us about her most proud moments working as a councillor. “... it’s one of the genuine older parts of Medway... an integral part of Medway...”

Christine Seymour-Godwin 

Erica was instrumental in opening up Luton Millennium Green as a space for people to enjoy. “... there is a lot of open spaces, woodlands, and farmland that is still just nice for people to go out and enjoy...”

Erica Stuart

Charlie has lived in Luton all his life and has seen many changes in his 80+ years! “... we had the Parochial Hall... And we had a gymnastic club in there... we had our club championships in 1952...

Charlie Barr

Judi can trace her family’s connection to Luton back for 150 years, and they have owned or managed many of the businesses in the area, including managing both The Hen & Chicks and The Waggon At Hale pubs. “... for me it’s just the story of an ordinary working class area...

Judi Cleaves

Bill was one of the founder members of the Medway Poets in the 1980s and has lived in Luton with Ann for just under 37 years. “... it takes me ages to get anywhere sometimes because I’m constantly bumping into people that we know...” (Bill)

Bill and Ann Lewis

Don and Gloria have lived in Luton most of their lives and they love the area. Don was instrumental in protecting the Luton Memorial Meadow from being sold off. “... a very handy thing for us hard up mums, they sold wool, and say if you needed 10 ounces, you took four, and they would keep the other six for you...” (Gloria)

Don and Gloria Phillips

Carol has lived in Luton all her life. She remembers street parties and how, as a child, she wasn’t supposed to cross ‘the cinder path’. “There’s a lot of history there that people don’t know about...”

Carol Smith

Les is from a Romany background. He recalls going hop-picking in Luton as a child. “... it was just a procession of people happily going out to the hop fields. And we loved it...”

Les Beaney

Nigel is a relative newcomer to Luton, having lived there for just five years. He has found that the local community has offered opportunities to make friends, aid his wellbeing and develop his creativity. “... as long as I am doing something I enjoy whatever creatively it is, I’m in a better place...

Nigel Cuming

Vince grew up in Luton and attended Luton Junior School. He is now the Leader of the Labour Group on Medway Council and feels a strong link to the area. “... I want to try and make sure that we get the very best resources, the best support, the best opportunities for people that live in this area....”

Vince Maple

Jonathan has lived in Luton since childhood. He tells us about the waterworks riot in Nelson Terrace. “... You walked up Street End Road and you came to a farm gate. And you looked out onto a dirt track farm road...”

Jonathan Pout

Gary was born on the White Road Estate, and though he was told as a child to keep away from the other side of the area, he married a girl from Luton! “When you’re little, everything seems bigger...”

Gary Smith

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